Our Mission

We aspire to be the most relied upon specialist contractor in Germany and Austria.


Core Values

The following Core Values guide us in our behaviors, actions and decisions –

• Satisfied customers

• Seek a smarter way

• Stronger together

• Safeguard what’s important


In short -

Satisfied customers

We are passionate about continually applying our knowledge, technical competence and experience to support and assist our Clients and exceed delivery expectations to justify our selection as a valued partner and to ensure we have satisfied customers.


Seek a smarter way

Our flexibility ensures we remain market leaders. We view change and challenge as an opportunity to innovate, continuously improve, and apply our smarts to solve complex problems and simplify things to bring speed and minimize risk.


Stronger together

Believing that strength is in our collective, we involve everyone, promote teamwork and pool our resources between divisions and between entities to tackle the largest and most complex of challenges.


Safeguard what’s important

We take great pride in our achievements and implement quality management / assurance, training and best practices to ensure delivery excellence, the safety of our team, and the sustainability of our business and the environment.